I Dropped

After driving 70 miles and shopping at a multitude of stores, I’m exhausted!  Thankfully I made a pot of baby lima beans last night and a lemon cake for dessert, so I didn’t have to cook after I got home today.  Most of what I bought isn’t even for us, but it was stuff I had on my list for a while and it feels good to have it done.  Some will be happy for what I’ve bought today….and that was the point.

I probably have more lists now than when I was working.  It seems like I may be hitting my stride retirement-wise.  I have a list for phone calls, groceries, dog stuff, house stuff, To-Do’s, sewing, wines, places we want to go to eat, etc.  The more I get done the more goes on my lists.  This is how it worked all those years when I was still working, so this is normal for me.  And I feel good with it; I don’t “do” boredom.  In fact, Ronnie told me yesterday that he thought I’d enjoy my retirement if I just kept myself from being bored.  This man understands me on so many levels!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a cooking day.  I made 2 cakes (one for us, one for Ronnie to take to work)  and a pot of beans with bacon.  Then I did laundry, cleaned/rearranged some of the kitchen and pantry and did a little extra personal hygiene stuff.  A friend texted me last night that I could come meet another friend’s baby (it’s complicated) this morning so I went to bed a little earlier and set the alarm (which I then turned off and slept through).  I got to go cuddle that sweet babe this morning so it was a pleasant start to my day.  The weather was gorgeous and we talked about shopping stuff before I left there, so when I left I thought it’d be a wonderful day to just go shop.  I didn’t have any hard and fast plans for the rest of the day, so why the hell not?  So both the past couple of days have been sheer joy!

Tomorrow my sweet housekeeper comes and then I’ll probably try to do some sewing and phone calls after she’s gone.  I also have some closets and drawers to clean out/go through which means Maximus and Bandit will have to be crated because they both like to eat clothing or any other cloth that smells differently than their crate blankets.  They’re both good with their own blankets but Max will chew up everyone else’s blanket and Bandit will eat whatever he can reach.  We don’t trust either of them anymore.  I was really surprised that when I was in the sewing room the other day Maximus didn’t come in once to steal cloth.  Usually I’ll find brand new cloth in the backyard with holes chewed in it.  Doesn’t pay to let him too close.  And he’ll eat scraps, too.  Ronnie has told me that when he goes to clean up the backyard after my all-day sewing bouts that the poo is much more colorful than on other days.  I found a $5 spool of wooly nylon thread out there (in the grass, not in the poo!) and I didn’t even know he had it.  I still don’t know how he got past me to get the thread without me knowing about it.  He’s 82 pounds of muscle and hot breath; you know he’s in the room…how could you miss him?  But he found it somehow and had eaten/chewed enough of it that I just picked it up and chunked it in the trashcan.  Thread’s not much good in tiny pieces.

It’s time to take my butt to bed before I get too wound up so I’ll wish you good night.

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