Gotta Stop Meeting Like This

Me and shopping, that is.  Yesterday Ronnie was off work and I had errands to run, so I invited him along.  (Would you?)  So we delivered some stuff from the back of my car, went to Apple at Baybrook Mall to get Applecare on my phone, then did lunch at Bonefish Grill, a new restaurant that was on our list to try out.  The atmosphere was okay but the food was not what I expected.  The menu said French fries; they were shoe-strings that were worse than the ones that come in a can; neither of us ate them.  I asked for a glass of Merlot, told the waiter just house wine, I wasn’t picky.  What they brought tasted more like sewer water.  I did drink it but that one glass lasted me the entire meal.  Ronnie tasted it and deemed it too nasty to drink. (Why did I have to prove him wrong?  I could have had another instead but I had to tough it out—guess I am pickier than I thought)  The appetizer I selected was Lobster Bisque, which neither of us had tasted before….and neither of us finished.  We told the waiter that the lobster tasted extremely fishy—like it wasn’t fresh.  He assured us that they get seafood fresh every day…..but he didn’t say how long the other place they get it from keeps it before shipping it to them.  Then, when they brought the ticket it was $11 higher than our meal.  It was explained that it was their error (damned right it was their error) and they corrected it.

After leaving Bonefish we went shopping at Walmart.  $300 later we went home.  We each bought some jeans and t-shirts because both of us were lacking.  Today I will try on my pants (post-washing them) and go from there.  I have sewing to do today and a hair appointment.  Ronnie will go straight to the hospital when he gets off work tonight so I have the entire day to myself.  I’ll have to do my best to enjoy it.

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