Stress Risen

My mother-in-law died yesterday at age 84, so, of course, the family is understandably stressed.  Everyone is trying to make all the arrangements work for everyone else and all the last minute details of her home and finances has to be cleaned up.  Thankfully their family is good about working together.  My family would already be fighting about something.  Rest in peace, Lena Pearl.

Dusty, all 5 pounds of him, is sick again.  I just messaged his veterinarian and will take him in tomorrow to get checked out.  He was in less than 2 weeks ago for the same thing (unexplained pain and screaming when we touch him).  We need to pin this down and figure out once and for all why this keeps happening to him.  My nerves can’t take much more of this.  I just want to cry when he’s hurting and I can’t help him.

I just tried to get him out of Jolie’s crate where he’d crawled and Jolie bit me (brought blood).  I guess because I was too close to her food, but she’s been really gripey lately.  She jumped Maximus last night and I thought they were going to be at each other’s throats.  Scared the crap out of me for a few seconds there.  So, Jolie is now confined to her crate for the rest of the night until she comes to her senses.  We are babysitting for another dog this weekend and she has been much more jumpy since we got him so I hope she calms down when he goes back home on Tuesday.  Everyone (2 and 4 footed) in this house seems to be on edge and hopefully things will calm down for all of us soon.

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