The memorial service was held today for my mother-in-law.  I got to meet a lot of Ronnie’s family that I’d only know through pictures and stories.  Everyone was pleasant but tired and emotional; we all made it through and I’d like to think are all better for the experience (the meeting, not the death, of course).

As for myself, I’m still stressed but not because of the death in the family so much (I think I’ve dealt with that well so far).  Dusty (Chi) is still sick and we don’t know why.  Took him in to the vet yesterday.  They did x-rays, a complete exam and blood work.  Other than needing to have a good poo, nothing showed up so far.  He did the poo immediately after his doctor’s visit on the way to the car; the blood test results came in today and the doc will call us tomorrow with the results but the associate vet didn’t see a lot wrong (what does that mean?).  He still screams in pain if you jiggle him much while picking him up.  We’ve put him back in a temporary crate so he can be with us but away from the other dogs running over him or injuring him in any way while he is in so much pain.  He wants out of the crate, of course, but he is sick enough to stay in it with a minimum of complaint so far.  Our little boarder Chi mix goes home tomorrow so hopefully the pack will calm down (he’s not neutered and has been humping every dog in the house for 4 days—-and this boy has way more energy than dogs should be allowed.  He’s barely a year old so goes non-stop all day every day, but he’s well-behaved and lovable, and he minds well.)  When Conway goes home I hope to be able to allow Dusty back out on a basis limited by his health.  I get very upset when Dusty is ill since he’s my favorite and also the tiniest in the house.  It’s just the little ones are so fragile and when they get ill it’s always more extreme than with the big dogs.  I don’t know what I’d do without this little boy.  As it is I carry him around 24/7 in my arms.

I am tired (getting ready for bed—took a sleeping pill a few minutes ago).  I’ve spent too many hours in the car the past 2 days so my joints are screaming at me.  My feet hurt after so much standing in heels today (all the ladies complained about the same thing!).  And my stress level is far too high to be comfortable.  To help matters I just found out I missed my great-grandson’s birthday which was today.  Now I feel like an ass on top of everything else that’s been happening.  Hopefully when I get up tomorrow everything will seem rosier and Dusty will be his chipper self.  I’ve got to go get Damian something for his birthday.  Poor baby must think his Nana didn’t care enough to even remember.  Dammit!


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  1. lalintutbury
    Nov 21, 2012 @ 05:57:10

    He knows Nana cares – but probably doesnt understand that Nanas are also fallible huh? I cant remember all the birthdays I forgot and then felt bad – you’ll make it up to him and laugh about it when he’s bigger.
    You just had a day where everything was bad – it will pass as will everything else.


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