Deep Breath

Today was better on all counts.  Little Conway went home with his mommy and both of them were ecstatic….and our entire pack has settled down.  Everyone of them has slept most of the evening away, and Conway’s mom sent us a photo where he is sleeping in her lap.  He was exhausted from playing so hard for 4 days.

Dusty is better, not well, but he doesn’t seem to be in quite so much pain.  He is still lethargic but we seem to think that is partly because of the Centrine they have him on to relax his digestive system.  One of the side effects is lethargy and he’s so tiny that’s probably what’s causing it (we hope).  Luckily it keeps him still and he is more content to stay in a crate since he’s not very energetic.  Usually he will cry and cry to get out, but now he just buries himself in the blankets and sleeps, however we see his little shiny eyes peeking out from time to time.  Right now he’s asleep in my lap and seems comfortable.  The vet clinic called back today and said his blood tests were completely normal.  If he continues to have issues through the holiday weekend we’re to take him to the pet emergency clinic or call someone from our vet’s office.  Next week we are to take him back, fasting, for further diagnostic x-rays.

We did errands (groceries and to Petsmart to pick up another crate so Dusty could be isolated and safe) today and I spent a couple hours at the nail salon.  When we got home we emptied some mailing boxes and put things away.  Dusty had dumped his water bowl in Bandit’s crate (where he’d spent the afternoon) so I washed Bandit’s blankets and set up the new crate for Dusty.  Then all of us (2-legged and 4-legged) snuggled up on the couch and loveseat and vegged out in front of the TV.  Really not a bad day and sort of productive.

I’m not cooking for Thanksgiving; we’re going to spend the day together and go for lunch somewhere local.  I always cook at Xmas so I want to set the mood for retirement that I do not cook at Thanksgiving, then the family will know what to expect (sounds good to me!).  Ronnie was fine with the decision.  I figure that since I normally have had to work on this holiday that they are used to it this way, so why not just continue?  It gives me a break as well.  I need to make some phone calls tomorrow.  My family only communicates on Facebook nowadays.  LOL  We’ll have to touch base with them.

Time to go do Jolie’s nebulizer treatment; it’s getting late and almost time to go to bed.  Good night, all……..

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