I have the second load of laundry in the dryer; other than that I haven’t done a damned thing today.  I woke up at 8:30 when the dogs wanted out of the crates but was too exhausted to stay up and ended up sleeping the entire middle of the day.  We ended up with 6 dogs in bed with us as Ronnie eventually pooped out and joined me in a nap.  Only Maximus (in his crate) and Jolie (who chooses not to sleep with us) weren’t snuggled in our doggie pile.

My headaches seem to be going away now and I’m sure the napping helped.  I gave up caffeine yesterday and have been feeling the withdrawals.  Since I am addicted to Diet Coke I was consuming a lot of caffeine on a daily basis.  When I noticed my heart racing and not feeling too chipper I decided it was time to back off from the caffeine intake.  Did I stop drinking Diet Coke?  Hell, no!  I just switched to Caffeine Free Diet Coke!  LOL

Dusty seems to be feeling better today, has even played a bit for the first time in a week, but if you move him wrong he still screams in pain.   Definitely going back to the vet next week!  All other pups seem to be doing fantastic; even Jolie is at peace and doing well.  I think our pack is getting back to normal now that our little visitor has returned home.  They all enjoyed his presence but I don’t think they have the patience to handle a second puppy in their house.  Gino is puppy enough for one house.

Time to go check the dryer.  Have a nice evening, all!

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  1. bikerbabe
    Nov 24, 2012 @ 07:50:23

    Hey baby – sleeping in is a priviledge of the retired! I do it often! I agree that the caffeine is better cut back. I have a friend here who drinks gallons of the stuff and she is always hyper. It cant be good for you… I drink it only rarely – prefer my hot tea (sometimes laced with whiskey) which is probably not good for me but we all have our vices :]]
    Glad to hear that Dusty is improving. Since there is no obvious medical abnormality and if the vet doesn’t uncover anything new – have you considered that his screaming might be a psychological reaction ro some violent behaviour towards him in his past? May be worth going into if you know his history. Poor little mite – give him a transatlantic pet for us…..


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