Dusty the Sweet

Well, he’s feeling much better today.  How’s he look?  We sat on the patio this evening and started taking photographs of the dogs and I had none of Dusty so I was still taking pictures after Ronnie went to bed tonight.  Dusty was playing, biting my fingers, wrestling in my lap tonight….a huge improvement over how he was even 2 days ago.  He’s still on his prescribed medications and seems to be coming out of whatever it was that was bothering him.  I was going to take him back to the vet tomorrow but now plan on going Wednesday instead for his fasting x-rays.  He still has 3 days of meds left so that will get us through Wednesday.  So relieved that he’s feeling better!!!

Today we did errands and went out for Tex-Mex and drinks for lunch.  Ronnie and I were both feeling better physically and actually stayed up all day instead of sleeping half of it.  Tomorrow Ronnie goes back to work and I think he’s ready.  I’m ready, too, because it’s hard to get much done with him under foot.  LOL  I think a lot of couples feel that way at times.  I have a bunch of sewing to get done beginning tomorrow.  There’s a new baby at Ronnie’s job that we bought fabric for so I can make a blanket and embroider it.  Then I have multiple pieces of fleece to make blankets to donate.  I have about a week’s worth of mending to do, also, and I signed up for an online class that will teach me to fit pants so I have to have a pattern and fabric for that.  My new cutting table is supposed to be delivered tomorrow so that means I have to move all the furniture in the sewing room to make it all function properly, but it ought to make a lot of difference in how I process fabric prior to sewing.  I’ll take pictures when I get it all in.  You know, sewing makes me happy;  I don’t know why I don’t do more of it.  I sure have enough projects for which I’ve bought fabric/supplies.  I may be able to get 2 machines running at the same time again.  Depending on the design, I have had the embroidery machine running while I hem blankets on the serger.  It’s kind of stressful to do it that way but it does work if I plan well enough.  I also have 3 aprons to embroider; the designs are ready, just have to be stitched out then I can donate them as well.

I made some strudel-type dessert (except it was peach) since we ate a late lunch and no dinner.  It was good (thankfully since I hadn’t made it in years).  We put all the dogs in sweaters again today and posted the photos on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4375003386766&set=a.4375003306764.163425.1638528457&type=3&theater) . We found that a lot of their clothes are too small now; they all have grown and we have found homes for so many of the tiny dogs that we have a bunch of tiny clothes and none for the bigger sizes.  Mimi managed to come out of her brand-new sweater, lose it (we looked everywhere!), then the big dogs found it somewhere (we’re thinking the backyard), returned it but slightly worse for wear; that translates into it went into the trash can.  Then we spent another evening in front of the TV.  I’m so sick of the TV being on; one thing that I will not miss when Ronnie goes back to work is that the television will be at rest.  I’m ready for the peace and quiet.

As usual when I type a blog entry it is almost 2 A.M., so I’d better get ready for bed or I won’t be productive tomorrow.  Since my week is already planned ahead I’ve got to get going fairly early, so nighty-night.

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