Typical Monday

I don’t know how I kept up with everything and still worked!  I sewed today (some embroidery, some serging) but the results were disappointing.  One of the blankets was hemmed and embroidered but the adhesive spray I use for hooping caused the cloth to darken.  I washed it twice (hot water, cold water, different additives) and it didn’t get any better.  So, now we have a pretty pink dog blanket that says It’s A Girl!  The design I put on one of the aprons came out weird on the colors.  It doesn’t look like the colors on the pattern I bought.  Bummer!  I can either rip it all out (don’t know if I have enough patience for that) or just throw it away/give it away.  Frustrating!  The good thing is that I learned a few things NOT to do next time, so it wasn’t a total loss.

I spent about 1 1/2 hours messing with the embroidery design software on my computer just trying to figure out the weird colors on that one design.  I ended up uninstalling one of my programs (about $500) and then reinstalling another program ($90) in addition to the other design program ($1200) that was already on my laptop.  I just decided that I have to learn this one software program once and for all and stop playing with so many different programs.  I’ve got to figure out why the colors don’t look the same after they’re downloaded.  I’ll do some research; otherwise, I’ll have to go in and recolor each design that’s screwed up.  It’s time-consuming but it’ll be another lesson learned.

The best thing that happened today was that my new utility table was delivered and my sweet husband helped me get it up and into the sewing room.  I moved some stuff around but still have some organizing to do.  We just bought a bunch of fabric to make blankets to donate and today while I was sewing the little dogs buried themselves in it so it’s all wadded up now and thrown in a basket.  I’m just too tired to deal with it tonight.  Here are two pictures I just took; the third photograph is what it looked like before.

I moved the sewing tables out from where they were originally so perhaps I’ll be able to see more while I’m in there sewing instead of being quarantined in the corner unable to see over it all to check on the dogs.  Too many times while I innocently stitched away the dogs were on the other side of the sewing center eating the fabric or thread in the baskets.  LOL  That gets expensive.

On top of the sewing issues, Dusty screamed again tonight and is lethargic again.  I called today for an appointment Wednesday and they’re supposed to call me back with the time.  Back to kid gloves with him again.  He doesn’t seem to feel bad though; he just wants to be held and I can do that……

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