Sewing Room Update


Yesterday I added another utility table to the sewing room and removed the ell for the sewing desk since I needed more counter space.  When I bought the original sewing desk I had one sewing machine and one embroidery machine so I didn’t need much space (I thought).  But now I have 4 machines and can still only have 3 of them out at any one time because the room is very small.  I yet have to figure out some lighting because I need all I can get with these aging eyes, but now I have a cutting table (right), counter space for machines (middle) and my sewing desk (left).  Cool!!!!!!!!

More later…….

Getting ready for bed.  It wasn’t a bad day but still running errands and shopping, trying to redecorate other rooms a little as I go.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Bought a shower curtain, etc., and never took it out of the car.  I don’t like it and will exchange it.  Typical woman, right?  LOL  Met my doctor’s P.A. today; she’s sweet.  Tomorrow Buffy (neighbor’s poodle that we rehabbed) goes for grooming but I’m going to try to sew.  Talked to Ronnie about the lighting in the sewing room and he agrees we need to spend the money and make sure we have enough light in there.  It’s hard to see tiny threads and lines on patterns and in manuals when you don’t have plenty of light.  I have some coupons that are only good on Wednesday (Seniors’ Day) so that’s where I’ll start.  Joann’s, here I come!

Yesterday I cleaned and cleaned (sliding glass doors, the china cabinet glass, some stains on the tile floor, the oven, the water in the fish tank, etc., etc., etc.) after running errands for about 3 hours.  I don’t know where all the energy came from but I was hoping it’d stay around a while.  It didn’t, unfortunately, because I have been tired and a little depressed today.  Guess I used up all my positive energy.  I am making headway on my endless pile of lists.  I’m knocking them out but still making more as fast as I can think up new things we need to buy, do or discuss.  This “retirement” stuff is right up my alley.

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