I’m Going Blind!!!!

The past two days I’ve been cleaning out, cleaning up and reorganizing my embroidery design files.  I have 3 years of them (17000) to catalog.  Every time I’ve bought designs I’ve saved the files in a folder under the heading of the company they were purchased from in their own dated file folder.  Now I can’t find anything when I need it!  I have to go through each damned folder until I find the right design.  I know I’ve bought them but I can’t find them and it is very frustrating.  After discussing it with Ronnie yesterday I decided it was time to tackle my filing system.  OMG, I don’t know if I was ready for it.  I sat in my office chair until almost 5 A.M. last night (this morning), then after I got home at 1 P.M. today from the groundbreaking ceremony at the plant I started in on them again.  I’m back from a break now because I felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my head if I looked at one more file.  SHIT!!!!!!!  I started out with 988 MGs and I’m down to 680 MGs now.  And I’ll probably be up most of tonight in order to finish the job.  And, yes, I backed them all up before I started.  Can you imagine losing 17000 files and having to download them all again if I could even remember who I purchased them from?

I was invited to the groundbreaking ceremony at BP for a new building.  I’d been on the building committee for 3 years prior to my retirement but thankfully they are including me in the festivities since I was one of the initial committee members on the original plans.  I’d never attended one before but I got to wield the golden shovel and get my picture taken.  They are going to send me a copy to share.  How cool is that?!!!!

Tomorrow my sweet housekeeper comes so I’ll be home most, if not all, of the day.  We’re invited to a xmas party Friday night and need Santa hats so that went on my list today.  Then Saturday we’re attending the 1st birthday party of one of our vet tech’s children at a local park.  Since we’re getting down to freezing temperatures this week I hope it warms up prior to Saturday or we’ll all freeze.  LOL

I did finish the lighting in my sewing room but I’ve not been back in there to sew.  Now here cold weather is upon us and two doggie sweaters did not get taken in.  What a bad mother I am!!!!  (NOT)  Sometimes there is simply not time to do what I WANT to do because of all the things that I HAVE to do.  Sounds like real life, doesn’t it?  It happens to the best of us…..well, back to my files.  Good night……..

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