Good Riddance!

It’s over….the task of reorganizing the embroidery files.  I began with 988 mgs and ended with 356 mgs.  So happy I don’t have to sit here and go through anymore files!!!!!!!!!  CRAP!  It’s now taken me 3 days and staying up all night for all of them.  It is almost 3 A.M. now and I just finished.  But the house is clean, the laundry is started and we had a home-cooked meal tonight, so I didn’t sit here all day.

Tomorrow is errand day (groceries, pet supply store, phone calls, etc.).  It should be a lovely day and the car is full of gas so it just requires me to drive it and get it done.  I think I can handle that.  Retirement has been busy as hell but I can see the results from all my effort; I guess that’s what really matters.  Just took my sleeping pill so I’m outta here!

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