…..that I’m finished xmas shopping.  The traffic and crowds are beginning to get ridiculous!  It took me 20 minutes to get out of the car wash at the shopping center and get back on the main road.  In fact, I had to make a detour from the first route I (and others) tried to take because the line of cars had no end; it stretched bumper-to-bumper over the overpass on the other side of the freeway.   Crazy!  I have everything wrapped except what I just bought.  I had to go out to get name tags, ribbon, etc., or I would have just stayed the hell home.  The only thing I have to buy at this point is groceries and even that will get crazy by Sunday.  I intend to be finished and home by then.  It’s nuts out there and I can only imagine what the residents of a huge metropolitan center go through.  I’ll be so glad when this season is over and done!!!!!!!!!!

When I got home there was an email from the City of Dickinson informing us that there would be no trash pickup on Tuesday.  Really?  I would have never guessed that they wouldn’t pick up trash on Christmas Day!  How rude of those workers not to come and get all my wrapping paper and turkey bones!  Lazy bums!

Just checking in while I take a break from all that walking and bending; it’s hell on my back.  Now I’ll go wrap the rest of the gifts and embroider the three blankets I started this morning.  Hope you all have a wonderful day….and stay off the roads!!!!!!!!

Update: Okay.  All three blankets complete and ready to put in the mail tomorrow, all gifts wrapped and labeled.  Supper over and the kitchen cleaned, all the dogs medicated and Jolie’s nebulizer treatment done.  Time for a break for me.

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