Retired One Month

First day of December and all is well.  I have made it in my retirement for a little over one month and it’s working out just fine.  I’ve spent most of the week running errands and meeting various appointments and I’m tired.  Today I’m in the sewing room again.  I’ve cleaned the internals on all the machines and now working on some new embroidery patterns.  If I stayed in here 24 hours per day, it would take me a week to catch up.  Yikes!

Dusty has been doing well.  He didn’t scream once yesterday and was playful again but today he’s screaming again.  It has to be something he’s eating that he shouldn’t because when I was keeping him crated and monitoring his intake he was getting better.  Now that he’s on his own he’s worse again.  I just picked him up from the backyard where he screamed when he was running to my call and placed him back in his crate.

I’ll write more later…..back to my sewing……..

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