Look, Ma! No Sewing Machine!

IMG_4883Just talked to Ronnie, who is back at work today after the holidays, and he is on his way home.  We’re going shopping for my new sewing machine and serger.  I’ve been doing online searches and research and know which ones I want.  2013 will see me buying my first Babylock machines.  I want the Ellisimo Gold sewing/embroidery machine and the Evolution serger/coverstitch.  Alternately, I may buy the Brother Quattro 2 instead of the Ellisimo but they are somewhat comparable in features.  I’m so excited!!!!!!  I’ve been wanting this new machine for about 18 months and it’s finally reality!

Oops………gotta go.  BRB

Back online now……so, we went to look at the Babylock machines and I am sold!!!!!!  Also, checked out the Brother Quattro 2 but it looked so lame after seeing the Ellisimo Gold!   Got estimates both places but haven’t notified the winner yet.  I’m so happy I don’t know what to do with myself.  I feel like I won the lottery even though it’s me that will have to pay the price.  LOL  So, I am in selling mode tonight as I will have 3 extra machines that I will have no need for; the new machines will take their place and take up less space, too.  One machine has found a home, just 2 more to go now.  The small blue and white one (Janome Harmoney 9102D) on the right is for sale and the one in the roller bag (Janome Coverpro 1000CPX) is for sale.  The sales will allow me to buy whatever extras I’ll want for my new system.  I think some of my hoops will work on the new machine but I don’t know that for sure.  I have some specialty hoops that I don’t know for sure that are interchangeable but I’ll see.  So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sweet husband helped me clean up and pack the old sewing/embroidery machine so it can be picked up tomorrow.  He’s so handy like that; what would I do without him?  (I sure don’t ever want to find that out!!!!)  And he’s so good about putting things away up high that I’d need a ladder for.  I just hand it to Ronnie and point to where it needs to go.  Ouila!  Right in place.  And he takes things down for me as well.  Men are just handy like that, aren’t they?  Of course, mine is pretty special so I’m going to keep hanging onto him.   <XOXOXOXOXO!!!!>  G’night……….

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