Baby, Baby, Baby


Meet the Babylock Ellisimo Gold.  This is what mine will look like when I go take it out of the box.  LOL  I went in at 2 PM today and trained on this machine and the serger (Babylock Evolution) for 3 hours.  I was so brain-dead when I got home that I just sat them in the sewing room and went on as if they weren’t there.  I was so exhausted but I had a wonderful day.  One of my old machines moved to Oklahoma today and I sold one on Ebay that went to Illinois.  I have the last 2 on Ebay and a couple other places so I hope they sell soon, too.

I think part of what I’m feeling right now is shock.  I’ve wanted these type of machines for years and now that I actually have them it’s hard to believe it’s really real and they’re really mine.  What a wonderful place to be at this point.


This is the Babylock Evolution; it has 8 spools of thread that can all be used at once.  I will more than likely only use 4 at a time but I’m open to learning all I can; I’ve seen some YouTube videos that are awesome.

Supper is over.  The car is empty.  The dogs are in bed.  Ronnie is asleep and I am tired.  Another day in the neighborhood, another wonderful one……..

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