On And On

I’m back from my trip to Oklahoma to visit my son’s family and beginning to get back “in the groove” again.  The unpacking is complete, the house is clean, laundry caught up and I’m back in the sewing room.  Today I put together the “quilt sandwich” for the monkey quilt; I’m going to try to start quilting it tomorrow but I have some errands so won’t be home for an entire day for a few days.  After doing the doggy quilt I have found out that it isn’t quite as difficult as I expected it to be.  I was duly stressed during most of the project but it wasn’t as bad as I thought before I tried that first quilt.  I’m already thinking about what I’ll do for the 3rd baby quilt.  I have to, really.  Both of these quilts are blue and the bibs are blue, so that’s boy colors.  What would I do if the next baby is a girl?  I won’t be prepared!  So I’ve got to do at least one more after these two.  And more bibs, and receiving blankets; I could go on and on, couldn’t I?

I hemmed Mimi’s new fleece blanket today, too, so she’ll have a fancier addition to her crate.  Since she likes to lay in her kennel so much I hope she’ll enjoy having an additional blanket to pad her snoozing.  She has two solid blue blankets; this one is a print to jazz it up a bit.  I buy remnants that are on sale and make dog blankets out of them.  They wear easy, wash up well, are comfortable for the 4-legged babes and don’t cost me an arm-and-a-leg to replace them should someone (like Maximus) decide to chew it up when he gets bored.

I’m doing well on Weight Watchers.  I’ve never tried their program before but it’s easy to follow.  Thankfully they have multiple iPhone apps that make tracking food and exercise a no-brainer.  There’s even a barcode scanner app so I don’t have to punch everything in every time.  Too cool!  I joined a couple of weeks ago then went off to Oklahoma.  Thankfully my daughter-in-law took me to a meeting while I was there so I could weigh in and she helped me eat the proper food so I didn’t screw it up.  Worked out well.  I’ve lost weight both weeks and expect to show a loss this Thursday when I weigh in again.  As long as I keep losing I don’t think I’ll have any problem sticking to the program.  It’s when I plateau that I tend to get frustrated and give up.  I hope that doesn’t happen this time.  I want to be healthy and to be able to be more active without the joint pain I have now.  Wish me luck!

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