February Frolic

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been busy around here the past week or so.  Ronnie’s cousin passed away so that changed the way our schedule worked for a few days.  I did get some fabric shopping done, picked up a few more baby gift projects to do, and ordered some patterns because some of the bibs cost $10 and I still had to do my own embellishments.  I can make my own so much cheaper.  I have 6 bibs embroidered (3 girls, 3 boys), the doggy quilt done, the monkey quilt spray-basted and ready to quilt (can’t decide on which pattern to quilt on it), a new rose-colored quilt completed and 5 receiving blankets hemmed that just need the embroidery done.  Maybe tomorrow I can get some more sewing done; if I get the baby gifts done I can start sewing for myself.  I have fabric to make a couple pair of casual pants so that will be the next thing I’ll tackle.

Ronnie is putting up a new fence around the back yard.  The existing fence is 21 years old and is original to the house.  With big dogs it was time to shore up the existing fence or lose some dogs and gain some law suits if they did anyone damage before we could get them back home.  Not worth the chance.  With Maximus topping 80 pounds we had to have sufficient strength to hold him when he jumps up trying to get to “his squirrel”.  He just knows if he jumps high enough he’ll catch that damned thing.  (LOL)  When he stands on his hind legs he’s taller than Ronnie who is 6 feet.  Ronnie has most of the back completed and has only the left side to go as our former neighbors on the right already replaced the fence between us.  Won’t be long and it will look all spiffy again.

Still doing Weight Watchers but stopped losing and started gaining back, so it’s still a work in progress.  I have Jolie in her crate doing a nebulizer treatment so I’d better close for now…….

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