Sunny Days

Took my sleeping pill but it hasn’t hit yet so I thought I’d post a summary.  Got some sewing done today.  All the baby blankets are hemmed and ready to be embroidered.  The bibs are finished and I got the patterns I ordered to make some more baby things.  I used my label maker to label the parts of my serger so it’ll be easier to find what I need especially in classes.  Also, labeled (at my dealer’s suggestion)  any parts (cords, cables, attachments, foot pedals, etc.) of both new machines that could get accidentally left in a classroom so they’ll know who to contact to pick it up.  I am due free training classes on both new machines and they have classes on various things (sewing, quilting, embroidery, software, etc.) scheduled for 4 months in advance that I’d like to take part in.

Fancy and I took a walk around the corner to deliver a prescription refill to our former rehab dog.  It was beautiful out today and we both enjoyed the short trek.  I got my first 5 pound loss star at Weight Watchers last night so I’m back on the road to success there and am trying to increase the amount of exercise I get.  As always with weight loss, it’s a work in progress but I do feel better about the outcome in my personal quest for health.

Got the bills paid, property taxes paid and finished the 2012 income taxes.  Now waiting for our refund so it’s all good.  I feel like I’ve tied up some loose ends this week so I’m more relaxed and focused now; sure hope I can hang on to this feeling because I have a lot I want to accomplish.  Next week I’m having the nerve endings in my cervical spine zapped with microwaves so my pain level will go down again for a few months which will make it easier to concentrate and not get distracted.  So it’s all good in the neighborhood right now.

Signing off for tonight……..

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