Post Procedures

I lived through them, obviously.  They did the right side on Monday and it’s already stopped hurting at all.  Left side was this morning so I’m still achy and tired, partly because of the anesthesia.  Hopefully I will sleep well tonight and feel like a new person tomorrow……there’s always hope.  I haven’t slept well all week and have had weird dreams; I think all of it was the stress of the procedures.  I know I’m a big girl now, but my subconscious doesn’t.

Since I’ve been in hospital mode all week I haven’t accomplished a whole lot except to lay around and complain (I did apologize though and explained why I was bitchy, which worked miracles to get me back in Ronnie’s good graces LOL).  I don’t expect to accomplish a whole lot tomorrow either but I’ve been fooled before.  Usually after a couple of days the effects of the procedure really take hold and the pain just disappears like it was never there.  I can already turn my head either way without pain or stiffness.  Halleluia!  I had begun to exercise before this came up so I need to get back in that mode again for me and for the dogs.

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