Have I Been Robbed?


No, not robbery thankfully.  I just passed down my sewing furniture (so many in my family sew) and ordered another big table and a storage armoire for myself.  My new Babylock is way too big for the old sewing table I’d had for three years.  I’ve been shopping online for a new one but couldn’t find anything (in my price range anyway) that would work for my room size and machine size…..soooooo it was time to make some more changes.  It’ll be a week or more before the new stuff gets here so more than likely I won’t be doing a lot of sewing during that time.  If I need something though I can rearrange things temporarily and still manage.

I seem to have a scratchy throat tonight and didn’t sleep well last night, which resulted in a low energy level most of the day.  We had some company a couple of times and I did a little cleaning but really didn’t accomplish much at all.  Ronnie was the same way so it wasn’t just me.  Weird.  We’re getting ready to hit the hay and hopefully both of us will feel more chipper tomorrow.

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