First Change

Today I moved the small table to the other side of the room to take advantage of the space immediately in front of the bookcases that won’t be utilized for anything else.  I set up the Babylock Ellisimo Gold (hereafter EG) on the big table, reorganized some container contents and did a general cleanup.  My new furnishings are due to begin arriving Wednesday (armoire) so change is not likely for a bit.  Once the storage cabinet arrives (and constructed) I hope to do away with some more containers; I already emptied two today (a lot of junk went into the trash; some things got rearranged/redistributed).  I’m looking forward to having storage in my sewing room, full-sized drawers and doors that will help organize and hide the clutter.  It’s hard to look neat when everything is packed into crates.  And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a neatness nut.  LOL

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