No More TGIF

When you retire, what the hell good is TGIF?  I see everyone on Facebook posting about TGIF stuff (and it’s cute stuff normally) and feel like I’ve lost that reason for a weekday lift.  Now every day is Friday or Saturday or Sunday, or whatever I want it to be.  Kind of depressing until I realize that I AM IN CONTROL.  Cool!  TGIF, everybody!  I think I’ll have another one on Monday or Wednesday.  LOLLLLLLLL

My new armoire has arrived, delivered one day late and still in the box.  Ronnie was so exhausted when he got home last night he didn’t even want to open the box, and since I now have his cold I didn’t care either.  He is supposed to have the entire weekend off so good things are likely to happen in my sewing room.  Can’t wait!!!!!!!!  I’d like to actually get in there and be able to sew.  I have so many projects planned and have ordered some new supplies so I can do free motion quilting (FMQ) which is done on a sewing machine.  I’ve decided to quilt the monkey quilt that way but I have to learn it first.  I’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos on how to do it and it suggests learning on test quilt blocks.  Since I don’t really have a cutting table until the new one arrives, my hands are tied right now.  If it lasts much longer I’ll find myself sitting in the floor (OMG with 7 dogs!) cutting out fabric.  I used to do that when I was a child but my back and hips and knees were much younger then and it was simple to get up and down.  Now I have to get on the floor every day in order to do Jolie’s breathing treatment in her crate, so I remember how.  It just takes more time and effort (and sometimes a few grunts and groans or a yelp or two).

I have ordered the cutting table but haven’t heard a word about when it’s due.  There’s no way to track it on their website so I guess I’ll resort to emailing them…..dammit!

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