We Have Armoire

There is nothing in it yet but it’s out of the box and constructed.  We went out to dinner (was craving a Margarita) andIMG_4908

didn’t even start putting it together until about 10 P.M..  Finished about 1 A.M. and dragged all the packaging to the garage; that’s as far as we got before we caved.  It’s 3:30 A.M. now and I’m preparing for bed (Ronnie and the dogs are already unconscious).

I think my cold is slightly better today.  Still gripy and sedentary with no motivation but the house is about to fall in around me so I’ve got to make an effort tomorrow to do some big time cleaning.  Ronnie worked on the fence and cut grass in the back yard today, and when Ronnie is in the yard so are the dogs.  Big dogs (with big feet) can track in crap faster than my vacuum will pick it up!  Disgusting!  I had to put socks on my feet so I wouldn’t feel the grit.  I am too tired to vacuum tonight even if it’s yucky.  Today was the first time I’ve even been out of my nightgown in a couple of days.  I hate being sick and/or unproductive but my OCD is calling me loudly, so it’s just going to have to be done.

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  1. lalintutbury
    Feb 24, 2013 @ 14:13:10

    Oh that margarita craving. Love your new cabinet. I just ordered a new sewing box x

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