A Good Day

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It’s taking shape!  Yesterday they called and told me my EG was ready to be picked up so, of course, that was one of the first things I did today.  So happy to have it back.  Pictures are panoramics of my sewing room as it looks tonight, and the design I did on the 3rd blanket today when I got the machine back.  Only one more blanket to go in this box.  I’ll have to prestitch the design before I stitch the final design on the blanket itself.  Since I downloaded the designs and had to recolor them all, I have to make sure I’ve chosen the right colors before I do the final stitch out.  (Usually if I mess up a blanket the dogs get an extra one but I prefer not to have to start over.)  Hopefully I’ll get that done tomorrow so the box can be put in the mail soon.  I got an email this morning saying the clips for the table skirts are in the mail (via USPS and no estimate on when they’re due to arrive) so soon that will get wrapped up as well.

In the morning Jolie will have to be at the vet by 7:30 to have her dental appointment and vaccinations.  When I pick her up I’ll take Bandit for his vaccinations and that will make 4 dogs of the 7 that will be all done for this year.  They get a little expensive this time of year.  The two last week cost $561 and I’m expecting the same or more this week due to Jolie’s health issues.  We may have to do pre-anesthesia labwork, and if Susan (vet) deems her health to be compromised Jolie may not be able to be put to sleep.  We’ll know more tomorrow after Susan sees her.  I have my fingers crossed because Jolie’s breath is pretty bad so I know she needs the dental care.

Since I’ll be up early and have most of the day free waiting for the vet’s office to call about Jolie that will give me ample opportunity to sew and that’s exactly what I intend to do.  I’ll have to carve out some time to make a cake for Ronnie to take to work since I didn’t get it done today.  I’ve been cooking a lot more since I retired so Ronnie has had more good lunches (which he shares at work) and more desserts to take for the entire crew.  Yesterday one of the guys said he’s loving me being retired.  LOL  So am I!!!!!!!!!!

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