The UPS system arrived yesterday, charged overnight and installed today.  Works perfectly so now I don’t have to worry the next time I stitch a huge multi-stitch pattern that we may have another power dip.  I tested it by unplugging it from the wall with the machine plugged into it and turned on.  It switched to battery backup immediately and showed that I could run the machine as it was for 61 minutes.  I think that should do it!  Haven’t had time to do any sewing for a couple of days due to doctors’ appointments and errands.  Still have one more day of errands but after that I should be on GO again.  I’ve found I can think up projects a whole lot faster than I can do them.  LOL  I guess it’s that way with any hobby, really.  I’m just tickled that I found something that I love so much; it keeps me happy and motivated, and allows me to give gifts that no one else can give.  Nothing like a unique gift, no matter what it is or to whom it is given.  I have received so much in my life and it’s nice to be able to give something back, no matter how small or insignificant.  Makes me smile…….

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