New PC Here

The new desktop PC arrived on Thursday; I’ve spent the past 2 days taking off crapware and installing my software, setting up email, iTunes, etc.  Ronnie drilled a hole in the back bottom of my desk in order to run the wires where the dogs wouldn’t eat them.  This stuff is too expensive to feed to the 4-legged children.  Luckily the dogs haven’t been interested in the computer.  They smelled of the boxes until we dragged them out to the garage but have left the PC alone.  I ordered it with 12 GB RAM knowing that I’d more than likely have to upgrade from there but it’s cheaper to buy locally than to have HP install it.  And it does need more, probably another 16 GB and I’ll be set to run my graphics programs for my embroidery machine.  I’ve printed out all the details I need to take to the store, just too lazy to do errands again today.  The good thing about retirement is there’s always tomorrow.  LOL

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