Chi Sisters Revisited With Maximus’ Obedience Course

Got the professional photos of the new babies and they are precious with a capital P!  They’re posted at the bottom of this entry.  Both girls are doing well and growing.  Keira (big puppy) is what our vet calls “a ball of fire”.  She is rough and tumble and never runs down.  She was too rough with Zoe so I had to put them in separate crates.  I was afraid she was going to hurt Zoe in some way that couldn’t be fixed (like losing an eye or causing nerve damage) and I couldn’t allow that to happen.

I took Zoe back to the vet yesterday to get her skin rechecked and she’d gained 0.2 pounds, up to 1.1 pounds this week.  What a hefty girl, huh?  NOT!  I don’t know what Keira weighs this week but she’s getting to be a little chunk; I’d say she’s over 3 pounds now.  The main thing is that they are both alive, healthy and happy; the rest is incidental.

I did get in the sewing room one day and made some small-dog toys for the girls with bells inside.  The weren’t as easy as I expected them to be but I did sew that day long enough to find out what “didn’t” work, so hopefully I now know what will for when I go back and do some more.  Today was the day for Ronnie’s pre-ops so we were gone all day.  Since Ronnie’s surgery is late Thursday Maximus and I are going to have to miss this week’s training class, so we’re going tomorrow instead.  Wish us luck!  This will be the first time Maximus has gone to a training class by himself and I’m hoping for the best.  This is the guy who trains for obedience and socialization which are two things Max needs in the worst way.  I went to the first meeting for the 8-week course last week but we weren’t to bring our dogs so tomorrow will be the first time Max will see Jason and vice versa.  Ought to be interesting, to say the least.  I really have high hopes for this class.  This guy came highly recommended by rescue peeps who would know.  And he’s also local, like his house is less than 5 minutes away and the classes are in the next little town from our little town.  Too cool!  The last trainer was in Galveston so it took more planning and driving to make those work.  Bandit and Maximus learned to sit and down on command and “sometimes” they will stay for an infinitesimal amount of time.  LOL  Not their fault their momma (ME) stopped teaching them and only remembers “some”times to practice it with them.

My daughter brought me her laptop yesterday for repair but it wasn’t anything I could fix so I dropped it at the shop today.  When I bought the new Desktop computer I moved my new laptop into the sewing room.  The battery was completely charged up, the plug was unplugged and nobody bothered it at all.  But when I tried to boot it up it wouldn’t so I figured I was going to have a job to do to get it up and working properly again.  It is still under warranty so it’d had to be shipped to HP for repairs.  We didn’t figure it out but all the sudden it started working again by itself.  Weird shit.  But it’s still working and that’s all that matters now.  Now it’s been relegated to the sewing room and the desktop is on my desk, maybe until the new wears off and if I continue to like the desktop it may stay this way.  The desktop has a 23″ screen, the laptop 19″, so either of them will beat the 14” laptop that was in there.  It’s hard to work on embroidery design software on a little tiny screen.

Keira Kiera_Zoe2 Zoe

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  1. lalintutbury
    Apr 03, 2013 @ 10:00:01

    They are BEAUTIFUL. Pop them into a box and send them over !!


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