Tired But Happy


Today Ronnie didn’t have to work so we’ve just kicked back, played with the dogs, watched a lot of television, updated our rescue website, etc., just a lazy, happy day.  I’m sure if I’d tried harder I could have accomplished something but I really didn’t give a damn.  It was nice to have my husband home and happy, and to enjoy our animal children.  I took a bunch of photos but the one above will give you an idea how big the puppies are getting and how their coloration is developing.  They were both solid white when we brought them home but now they’re turning a caramel color in places.  That’s what Bandit did, too.  When we got him he was mostly white and the colors developed over time.  He’s a beautiful dog and has a wonderful personality besides; he’s been a lovely addition to our canine family and will be 3 years old in July (we’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old).

I got my jury summons in the mail yesterday so I know where I’ll be at the end of May.  I haven’t been called for years so I really can’t complain.  Since I’m retired I have plenty of time and don’t have to deal with trying to get time off work.  This will be different.

I signed up for a sewing seminar on Friday; it’ll be the first with my new serger.  I am supposed to get instructional classes with both of my new machines but between my schedule and the shop’s schedule that hasn’t happened yet.  So this will be the first class at this particular shop.  Maybe I can get some of my questions answered while I’m there.  They also have one on Saturday for sewing but I haven’t signed up yet.  I’ll see how I like this one and go from there.  I really hope I like them because I’ve loved every other class I’ve taken anywhere else.  There’s a great class of people who do sewing and I find myself enjoying their company no matter what the class has been for or where it was held.  I hope that holds with this shop.

Ronnie’s family lost another member today due to a brain aneurysm.  She was only in her 20’s and was an only child so it is a big loss to her parents.  It’s always sad when a parent loses a child; it’s not supposed to work that way but it does far too often….sigh….

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