Finally I got to devote some time to sewing!  Yesterday and today I participated in two Babylock seminar/workshops locally.  We had instruction and information in the mornings then in the afternoon we sewed projects.  Yesterday we each made a clutch bag; today we made jewelry travel bags.  Neither project was absolutely perfect and I’ll probably not do these projects again, but I will definitely use the knowledge I gained and the tricks I learned on the projects I have planned.  (I’ll take some photos and post them tomorrow)  And it gave me some ME time outside the house, away from the dogs, even if it meant they had to remain crated longer than normal.  Sometimes I just have to put myself first for my own sanity.  These two days were definitely “reclaiming my sanity” days.

I’m ready to be productive again; it’s been too long for my liking.  The puppies are getting old enough now that I think I’ll be able to start sewing again here at the house.  Friday Keira will get spayed and micro-chipped and have a floating dew-claw removed but, other than that and getting my nails done one day, it should be an easy week…..I hope.  Keira will follow wherever I go in the house (or outside, for that matter) but Zoe will get stuck in one room and if I walk away she won’t follow, then she will sit and cry until I come and get her.  I will pick her up and put her in the doggie bed in my sewing room and she’ll sit in there and play with any other dogs that come around, and she’s content to just hang out.  I jockey the others from crate to freedom all day and if I need to do something which requires any amount of brainpower I will crate a lot of the dogs so they don’t distract me or cause me to do something unsafe.  It’s not like their crates are prison.  They each have at least 2 or 3 (sometimes more) fleece blankets color-coded for specific dogs in their particular crates.  Some are embroidered with their names.  Max has about 8 blankets, an old comforter and a sleeping bag (because of the density of the padding for a 90 pound dog’s crate).  They have food bowls inside their crates (the puppies have water and food).  They all have toys to play with or chew on, so they’re not exactly being injured if I make them go to their crates so I can do something that has nothing to do with them.  I have multiple patterns to make for the dogs as well that I haven’t been able to even start since I’ve been so busy.  Right now I see in my crystal ball that there is sewing in my near future.  Abracadabra!!!!!!!!!

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  1. lalintutbury
    Apr 28, 2013 @ 08:10:21

    Looks like you got it sorted girlfriend! Happy sewing.


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