Productive Day

Today has been all about sewing.  I went to the fabric shop this morning and bought supplies for the event Wednesday and talked to the teacher, Georgia.  She seems like a really nice lady and I’m looking forward to spending the day sewing with her.  I have to prepare all my fabrics/patterns/etc. prior to class  but still spent the day doing sewing for myself.  I finally opened the tote bag pattern I bought last week and did something productive with it.  I must admit that I spent some time ripping out seams because of amendments that didn’t work, but it worked out in the end (as far as I’m concerned).  I was making a gift for a family member and Ronnie suggested I make a matching bag for her child.  Wonderful idea!  And done!

Played with the dogs before sewing and they’re all doing marvelous.  Keira was spayed, micro-chipped and had a dew claw removed yesterday.  According to doctor’s orders she must be kept in a crate for 7 days.  Poor little puppy thinks she’s being punished because she can’t play like she’s used to.  She’s looked so sad today.  It’s hard to keep them penned up when they feel like being free.  We finally crated the rest of the dogs and set Keira free; that way she wasn’t tempted to get too excited, and it worked famously.  She’s now exhausted and sleeping peacefully.

I’ve been researching vintage Singer sewing machines the past few days because we need a machine that is strong enough to use to repair leashes, collars and harnesses for the dogs.  Bandit especially will chew up his harness if he’s left alone in it, and they are expensive, especially for the bigger dogs.  I just purchased one from someone who is a member of the same online group as me.  It’s a Singer 99.  I have no idea how old it is but they were manufactured between about 1911 and 1962, so it’s an O-L-D machine, but it works well and will hopefully work for what we need.  This may be a really interesting adventure; you never know.

Singer 99

Singer 99

Mommy & Me Bags

Mommy & Me Bags

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