I Love My Husband

Model 99K Singer

Model 99K Singer

Ronnie had the day off today, so he watched the animals all day so I could sew.  What a wonderful guy I’m married to!!!!!!!!

So, this is what I did: I hemmed 2 pair of jeans that have been hanging on the back of the door for about 6 months.  Since I’ve lost 20 pounds I’ll more than likely end up altering them, too, now.  But they’re hemmed anyway.  Then, I bound the seams on the Babylock covers I made for my machines.  They had begun to fray and every time I removed them to sew I went, “Ewwwww!”.  Fixed!  Then I made the pattern for a tote bag I’ve been wanting to make for myself.  I had drawn it out on paper but hadn’t cut it out or made the pattern to cut it out.  Then I made the tote bag, too!  It’s all done except I want to put webbing handles and didn’t have any black, so that has to wait.  But I love the bag!

Also, we opened the box that contained the Model 99K Singer we bought that was delivered Monday.  I threaded it and it sews but have yet to try to mend Bandit’s harnesses with it.  I looked up the serial number online and it was manufactured in 1956 so it’s an authentic antique, too.  Altogether it’s been a great day for me.  Tomorrow is another day.  I have fabric to make pillow cases out on my cutting table.  Will I get to make them?  Stay tuned!

14" inside zipper pocket &  10" slipper pocket

14″ inside zipper pocket & 10″ slipper pocket

20" x 20" tote bag

20″ x 20″ tote bag


Front of tote bag

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lalintutbury
    May 19, 2013 @ 07:30:46

    I agree honey – we have the best husbands in the world!
    Your sewing is so beautiful. I love your tote bag.


  2. lalintutbury
    May 19, 2013 @ 07:31:29

    I agree honey – we have the best husbands in the world!
    Your sewing is beautiful – I love your tote bag.


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