Gino’s Home

Got word today that Gino’s new home is working out.  His doxie brother and he have become friends but the cat is still shy around Gino.  His new mama loves him and is pleased with him.  We’re happy for all of them.

Gino, his new mama and brother

Gino, his new mama and brother

I’ve been visiting Buffy daily in order to administer her subcutaneous fluids and she is happy and doing well, too.  Her human daddy is so happy to have her home.  She is so much company for him now that his wife has passed on.  They both seem really comfortable to be together again…and that makes me happy, too, even though I miss her.  He told me today that if anything happens to him we are to get Buffy because she is happiest with us and he knows we would love her and care for her best.  I thought that was a nice compliment and I could tell it came from his heart.

Today has been a lazy day for me; I haven’t accomplished much but then I’m retired so I don’t know what I expect for myself.  I went to bed late last night (early this morning actually) then slept in until almost 11 A.M.  When Zoe cried to get out of her crate I went and got her and took her to bed with me for another couple of hours.  Later I got a nice bath, went to take care of Buffy’s meds then to the grocery store.  I’ve got the last load of clothes in the dryer and the sprinkler going in the backyard, got the trash can in from the street and all the groceries unloaded from the car and put away.  I took time to sit on the couch and love the dogs then got up and got busy again.  Ronnie called and said he’s going to be at work a while longer so I have yet to start dinner cooking.

Still missing Maximus.  Sometimes I try to look at his pictures I’ve posted on Facebook but it’s never long before I find tears in my eyes.  It’s going to be a while before that hurt goes away.  Out of the 4 dogs who are not here that we had in May he is the one that I miss the most, that hurts the most, that is the most final loss.  I don’t know if it’s because I bottle-fed him and he was my baby for so long or if it would have hurt this bad regardless of the situation.  I’ve never had to have a dog euthanized before and even though I know it was the right thing to do it doesn’t make it any easier to bear.

It’s pleasantly quiet around the house now that we’re down to the minimum of dogs (7).  Now each animal gets more individualized attention and the pack is more at peace, more settled and quiet.  Even the little one is noticeably happier and active.  Zoe has just blossomed now that the other dogs are gone.  She gets more attention and is absolutely bubbly.  It’s great to see her so ZOE!  She fits in with the other dogs so much more than her sister, Keira, did.  Keira was louder and more demanding, and frankly, more of a pain at times.  She was obviously used to being top dog because she demanded more than any of the rest of the dogs we had.  Maybe just more spoiled and I’m sure we didn’t help that.  She was a sweet puppy but it is very noticeably quieter without her.  We love all the dogs we’ve fostered but, of course, some more than others.  We’ve only had one dog, a Chihuahua, that was ever a really bad dog, and thankfully we found a home for him quickly so he wasn’t a bad influence for long.  In rescue you never know what kind of past the dogs have had or how they’ll be with other dogs or in our pack until they’re actually here, so there’s no way to pick and choose unless you get them from another foster who’s had them before.  We’re lucky to have had as good a result as we have because there’ve been a bunch of canines through our doors in the past few years.

Better get back to my real life again.  There’s things yet to be done today.

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