Just Coasting

I’m sitting here installing Windows 8.1 on my “throw-away” laptop in hopes that they have improved it over Windows 8.0.  I was sincerely hoping that Microsoft would realize that they’d screwed up with Win8 and take it off the market, but no such luck even though the complaints have been loud and many.  I obviously have tried it before (when it was in pre-release format), in fact, on this same laptop.  I thought it was like a big Android phone instead of Windows…and I am an IOS fan.  Since I have a new desktop and a new laptop I figured I could use my travel PC to play with, so here goes nothing.

In a few minutes I’m going to go around the corner and give Buffy her sub-cutaneous fluids.  We are on the last bag and then will start prescription dog food for canine renal failure victims which will, hopefully, free her from having a needle stuck into her on a daily basis.  The vet had to order the food so I’m waiting on their call to pick it up and hoping that it will fix her right up.

I just got home (well, within the past hour anyway) from running errands and am on an extended break to cool off from the Texas heat and resting my aching hip (the one that hasn’t been replaced yet but will be eventually).  I have 2 dogs in my lap, one behind me between me and the chair and 2 more dogs on the ottoman beside my desk.  On the floor is another, the largest of the seven, and one is in the window.  All are asleep or close to it.  All are happy and peaceful…and quiet.  I have things to accomplish when I finish loading the laptop with Win8 but almost hate to bother the dogs in their reverie.  It’s been so peaceful among the canines in our little family lately.  It sometimes feels like we don’t have any dogs at all because it’s so quiet.  Weird sensation!

The clock has just rolled over 3 P.M. so I’ve got to get out of this chair and do something, even if it’s wrong!  LOL

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  1. lalintutbury
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 17:37:01

    I hate Win 8 too. I have a Win7 cell and thats fine, but 8 sucks


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