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Bandit vs the window blinds

Bandit vs the window blinds

I’ve spent the last week or so in a funk: depressed, exhausted, sinus issues, stomach pains, headaches, eye issues, sleep issues, etc.  I realized yesterday that all that was side effects of a new medicine they’d given me last month.  I’d already stopped it once and went back to the previous medicine but it wasn’t as effective, so I switched again.  The longer I’ve been on it the more side effects I was having, so I stopped it again and already feel better after 24 hours.  Guess it’s time to call the doctor and let him know.  This sucks!  Today the smile is back on my face and my headache is completely gone.  Where yesterday my head hurt so bad that my top teeth ached today I have no headache at all.  Back to the drawing board.

All else is working out well.  We’ve bought two new PC’s for family members so I’ve been working on loading and setting them up.  My experiment with my laptop and Win8 was successful and functional at last so that is a GO.  Now we can buy Win 8 computers.  It had gotten difficult to find Win7 anymore so I’m glad this worked out.  The last time I played with Win8 I got so frustrated I just reformatted the computer and went back to Win7.  No such thing now.  So far so good.

All the dogs are doing well.  I went around the corner yesterday to check on Buffy who is now off subcutaneous fluids and onto prescription dog food for renal failure.  She looks like a puppy, the best I’ve ever seen her look!  What a surprise!  She loved on me and gave me her belly to rub, and gave me kisses.  She was so sweet and happy….I love happy endings!!!!!

I’m planning my Oklahoma trip now.  Talked to the kids earlier about dates and got permission to just take Zoe with me so she wouldn’t have to stay crated the entire time I’m gone.  She’s doing so well learning things that I didn’t want to go backwards on her development.  Maybe this will help with that, and it will help socialize her, too.

Bandit has gone a few rounds with the cat in the flower bed unfortunately hampered by the blinds on the window in my office.  Every time I pick up the pieces that he breaks off when he violently smashes his head into the window.  Scares the crap out of me when he does it.  I think we’ve replaced the blind about 5 times already.  Luckily they’re about $3 each so we’re not going broke doing it, but I’m going to check into wooden blinds and see if they stand up better to his assaults.

Time to head toward the bedroom; I have errands to run tomorrow and am trying to find time to sew again.  Gotta have sleep in order to get anything accomplished—wish there were more hours in the day!

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