Freckles Revisited

Freckles Too

Freckles Too

Meet the next Freckles, hopefully the final Freckles.  I do believe it was love at first sight with this baby.  The human and the canine elements of this match seem to be in complete accord.  Picked this one up from a fellow rescuer on Sunday.  (I actually picked up 2 Chihuahuas, one a female who died yesterday at our vet of a pulmonary embolism that happened several days before.  I think I’m still in shock over that!  How did the owner not know that little sweetheart was sick?  She didn’t even live 24 hours after we got her.  I’ve never had that happen before!)  Mr. Freckles was neutered yesterday then delivered to his new daddy.  I saw them today and they are already joined at the hip.  Even though the first Freckles wasn’t a good fit the name was, so this baby who was originally named Angel is now Freckles…permanently?  Time will tell.  He is a sweet little dog, I know that much.  He only weighs 7 pounds, is very cuddly, uses the doggie door and slept in his own bed last night.  Got my fingers crossed!

I got the laptop with the new motherboard out of the shop, ordered recovery disks that didn’t end up working, ordered a new charger which did work, replaced the hard drive and upgraded the RAM memory.  Still loading it.  Today is the 3rd time I’ve reloaded the system.  First time I was waiting on the recovery disks and just played with what I had.  The second time was a corrupted file in the boot sector that I couldn’t repair.  I’m loading SP2 right now and hoping for the best.  This thing will go in the bin for the garage sale if I have to load it again.  With what I’ve spent on it so far I could have bought a new one, especially with the time I have in on it.  Time will tell whether I get a new travel laptop or not but I’m getting grumpy about this one.  This is the last computer I have to work on though.  The other two are finished, one waiting to be picked up but the owner has been notified that it’s ready.  Ronnie said one of the neighbors had a computer he wanted me to look at but we haven’t heard anything from him since.

I’ve gotten NO sewing done at all and have a stack of fabric waiting on me (including a blanket for Freckles with his name on it).  Found out yesterday we have another female baby to sew for who is due in November.  I’ve got to get some blankets, bibs, etc., churned out or I’ll have to buy gifts.  I really like sewing for the babies so I just have to come up with some TIME!!!

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