Fancy Miss Fancypants

Miss Fancypants fresh from the beauty parlor

Miss Fancypants fresh from the beauty parlor

This is Fancy (AKA Lindseys Fancypants on her papers) at her favorite place, Sonic Drive-In.  She always loves going to Sonic because she can smell up all the smells from the other cars and from the food being cooked and served.  And no one will tell her “No!” or “Get down!” or “Stay out of that!”.  For a dog’s nose this is probably the closest they get to Nirvana!  Usually what she gets from Sonic is a treat after she’s done something good, for instance, was good at the vet or her grooming appointment, or a trip to Petsmart or Petco.  We take all the babies from time to time but since Fancy is the eldest she’s been more times and knows every time she leaves the house she WILL wind up at Sonic.  I don’t think she knows what it means to “be good” or to “earn a treat”, but she’s just a sweet baby and always deserves something nice.  Treats for her mean a cheeseburger plain and dry, vanilla ice cream, popcorn chicken, or tater tots.  She’s getting so gray now, my old lady doggie.  Next month she will be 13 people years old and she’s still the best dog in the house.  Nothing seems to bother her much and she doesn’t get into anything the other dogs might find of interest.  She is a barker and will wake me up most mornings before I want to get up, otherwise she’s just a quiet cuddler you hardly know is around.  We love you, Fancy!!!!!!!!

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