It’s Done!

Monkey Quilt finished

Monkey Quilt finished

After about a year sitting on the back burner the monkey quilt is finally complete!  Surprisingly it only took a couple of hours to finish on Sunday.  Today I completed a baby blanket with four appliques (frog, monkey, lion & elephant) to include in this gift package.  The baby shower is Sunday so I should be finished with everything by then.  I’ve been experiencing some depression of late so everything got put on a back burner for a bit.  Seem to be coming out of it some now and life is improving for me; I’m feeling more like myself but still have a way to go back to “normal”.  I’ll get there; I always do with the help of pharmaceuticals.  I made it two years this time before it recurred so I’m getting better with age evidently.  LOL

The weather is cooling down now in Texas, more rain and less heat.  Everything is still green, a lot of things still blooming, but the incessant steaming is over for this season.  I managed to swap out my summer clothes for my winter clothes the other day; all my tanks are back in storage for another season.  I really enjoyed my first summer of retirement since it was the first time in a lot of years that I could wear what I wanted, including short pants and tank tops, since I was a teen.  Much more comfortable than what I’d been wearing to work for the past 40 or so years.  I got to sit on the patio and watch the dogs play even in the middle of the day (until the mosquitos got too bad to be out at all).

Retirement has been a pleasant undertaking so far.  On October 29th I reached my first year milestone, and I still like it and am glad that I took this step upon myself.  It was a good decision.  Life is good.  Marriage is great.

It’s 2 A.M.; time to sleep but I’m wide awake.  I’m the only one in the house awake.  This is the only time the house is this quiet, only a few doggie snores and the faint sound of electrical noise heard.  I love this time of night; it’s probably the most peaceful time for me.  Nobody needs or wants anything from me and I can just enjoy the quiet and really relax.  It’d be a great time to sew but even if I shut the door to the sewing room I would still wake up the whole house, so I’ll just surf the ‘Net instead until my sleeping pill lulls me into a stupor.  LOL  “Tomorrow is another day!”