Pepper Is Home

Another day—another dog.  LOL  Mr. Pepper is indeed home with his new mom and they’re both happy as clams.

Mom and Pepper relaxing at home

Mom and Pepper relaxing at home

I go down to visit about once a week and they’re doing great.  Mom’s bigger, older dog, Dusty, doesn’t want to play with Pepper but they manage and haven’t butted heads over anything.  So it looks like Heaven for this little one.

We had 3 big mix puppies for the past 9 days.  It was a house full and they were only 11 weeks old so we spent most of the week teaching them to go outside to potty.  And they were beginning to get the hang of it, too.  Yesterday they went on to other fosters.

Meghan, Gabrielle and Joy

Meghan, Gabrielle and Joy

The Puppy Trio (as I called them) were rowdy and messy and happy puppies.  I spent a lot of time mopping up oopsies.  Bad part was that last Monday as I was mopping something in my lower back said “POP!” and I’ve barely been able to stand ever since.  Well, that’s not right.  I did get better and decided by Wednesday I could mop again because the puppies and Bandit went outside and made a mud hole then reentered the house and tracked all that mud right up into my lap.  They were so happy with their discovery.  All I could do was laugh!

I sat there looking at all that mud and knew that my sister-in-law was coming down that evening and would see all that mess.  This is what I saw: MudPuppiesAnd, of course, it got worse with time.  So, I decided that I needed to let it dry, sweep then mop.  And I did.  And since then I can barely stand up and not for any length of time or without pain.  So, Saturday we began chiropractic treatments and it helped but only lasted a few minutes.  I’ll be going all week this week and can only hope for relief.

This was later when all was clean:

Sweet, full, contented puppies and their guardian, Bandit

Sweet, full, contented puppies and their guardian, Bandit

This is why we do rescue…………

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