Princess in Love Me Mode the night she came.

Princess in Love Me Mode the night she came.

There’s a new Chi in town! One I wasn’t expecting and had nothing to do with, for once.  We were supposed to get this dog for ourselves about a year ago.  Then the lady who rescued her fell in love and we ended up rescuing Zoe and Keira instead.

So, now that we have a full house we get Princess anyway.  OMG!  Too many dogs!!  She is the straw that broke the camel’s back!  But she has no one else and no place to go.  A long story short is she started going through some fear aggression and her family refuses to deal with what they’ve done to her so they’ve thrown her away.  So we will find her a better home with humans who can be trusted….I hope.

I’ve fallen hopelessly, helplessly in love with Diego so he’s going nowhere!  That little 4 1/2 pounds is a total love bug.  Sweet! Sweet!  Sweet!  And he and Zoe are the absolute best of friends.  Since they’re both tiny they spend lots of time running together and wrestling in the grass.  It’s so precious!  Since the weather is beginning to get gorgeous I’ll be spending more time sitting on the patio taking pictures of the dogs again.  I can see the future already where my dogs are concerned!  LOL

My back is not better.  I have made another appointment with the pain doctor for Thursday so hopefully things will change for the better at some point this week.  I voluntarily took the steroids again and they were not as effective as they were the first time…..and they totally fucked up my life!  I was angry, exhausted, depressed, etc., etc., etc., until yesterday.  I lost a whole week due to side effects.  Crap!!!!!!!!!  And I’m back on the sleeping pills because I’m not sleeping any better either.

Today, with Ronnie home from work I want to get to the grocery store because with the pain back in force I probably won’t get much done outside of the house this week.  Good thing is that I’m about to get back into the sewing room.  I have gone in and reorganized some stuff and bought fabric for a new summer maxi-dress I’m looking forward to making for myself.  Spring is good!  Getting my motivation back, I hope.  Time to go.  Got a lot to accomplish on this beautiful day!


Diego, 1 year old, 4 1/2 pounds of studliness

Diego, 1 year old, 4 1/2 pounds of studliness

Same song.  Next dog.  This time his name is Diego (was Coco before we got him).  It was one of those nights on Facebook when someone asked if anyone could take in this little Chihuahua male and I said, “sure”.  Don’t know for sure if we’ll keep him or if we’ll rehome him but he’s a cute little critter.  Just had him neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated last Friday so he’s still healing.  He knows he’s a mama’s baby already.  If I leave him he will find me wherever I am.  If I leave him in bed in the dark and walk away he cries until I go back for him.  Today when my housekeeper came over he tried to eat her alive in order to protect me from her.  LOL  I’ve known her longer than I’ve known him and trust her more….but he doesn’t know that.  I crate them all when she comes so she doesn’t have to fall over them or deal with them while she’s hard at work.  All 4 1/2 pounds of him sounded quite vicious.

Today I finished the steroids the GP gave me last week.  It helped a lot while I was taking it but not long term.  The pain is back so it’s time for the MRI.  Guess they’ll set that up for some time next week.  Oh.  Joy.  I made a point of making a trip to Kroger’s today because I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk again after today.  Monday will be 5 weeks since I hurt my back and Ronnie’s been buying the groceries for us.  Such is life, I suppose.  Back to the drawing board.  I’m sure they’ll figure it out eventually.

It’s 2:30 A.M. and I can’t sleep.  Again.  Back to the chiropractor tomorrow then I’ll take Diego down to meet mom and Pepper.  Maybe they’ll play together.  Hopefully it’ll be good for both of them.  And it’ll get me out of the house for a bit as well.

I’ve got to get back in my sewing room.  I need to set aside some time strictly for sewing because it’s not working out just expecting for the time to pop up by itself.   I don’t know why I’m feeling so discouraged about my sewing right now.  Surely this too will pass.  At least I can sit down and sew so it’s something I can do no matter what my back decides to do.  <sigh>  Nothing like a little drama.  I’m outta here!