I’m feeling yucky right now. Been nauseated since about 3 A.M. with chills and interrupted sleep. The stomach doctor changed my medication and I’ve been getting sicker and sicker so I stopped taking it yesterday; don’t know how long it will be before it’s out of my system, but I’m way past ready. I have good days then bad days but not too much in between. I just want to not be sick anymore!!!

Diego says he's going to like summer in Texas if I keep buying him ice cream

Diego says he’s going to like summer in Texas if I keep buying him ice cream

Yesterday was a good day.  I took Diego down to Mom’s to play with Pepper and they really enjoyed each other.  She said to bring him back any time.  On the way home, since we hadn’t eaten all day, I pulled in to Sonic and bought both of us an ice cream. Diego said he likes that ice cream stuff but if he eats very much of it he starts shivering.  I put the rest of it in the freezer so he can enjoy it another time.

I saw the pain doctor on Thursday and they’re going to do some nerve blocks in my lower back on the 22nd and 29th, so eventually I ought to be back to myself and be able to do more.  I’m looking forward to that…a lot.

We had an adoption event scheduled for today but I never could find out any details about when/where we were to meet or who was doing what.  Then, after being sick all night I wasn’t up to going anyway.  We were going to take Princess.  I made her a blanket, embroidered her name on a new harness and monogrammed her new dress.  She would have been the prettiest dog there.  I’ll try to get some photos.  I’ve been altering all the dog harnesses so they fit and the dogs stay in them, especially the tiny dogs.  Even the extra small size is too big for the little ones.

We got our new fish tank put together when Ronnie got home from work last night.  The other one was too tall for me to reach down into which made caring for it difficult at times.  We bought some fish at the local shop and they had ich.  We lost the entire tank in just a few days and I decided to replace it instead of cleaning and restocking the same one I’d been complaining about.  Ronnie agreed with me.  We bought some feeder fish to stock the new one with so we can get the tank cycled where it’ll support good fish.  None died overnight but we’ll give it a week or so and see where we stand then.  I’ll try to get some photos of that, too.

I’m going to go see if we have some Dramamine in the dogs’ medicine chest.  Yuck!



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