Two Down, One To Go

The first set of injections on my lower back are done. The pain is still there but I had an MRI today and the 2nd set of injections are next Tuesday. I do think it’s more manageable than it was. The pain in my lower back is gone but the pain down my leg into my thigh and calf is still there.

Things are going better around here in general. We still have too many dogs but Jolie’s health seems a little better the past 48 hours; she had me worried there for a while. I did get some sewing done and some blankets made for a baby gift I’ll deliver tomorrow. Ronnie’s helped me move some furniture around in the sewing room and we’ve ordered a second armoire so I’ll have a place to store fabric without using multiple totes of various sizes. I’ve asked for a pegboard to put the things that really need to be hung up so that may be in the works soon. Just getting organized has been a chore. I’ve bought so much “stuff” that I’ve run out of places to store it all, and if I don’t sew regularly, when I do go back I have trouble remembering where the hell I’ve put it. This has caused me to buy some “stuff” more than once so it really needs to all have its own place. I’m labeling things as I organize it so maybe I’ll be able to find it a second time. LOL

The weather has gotten gorgeous lately even though it’s bringing the heat back with it. Now that the weather is nicer I need to get back in the habit of sitting on the patio with the dogs and taking pictures of them doing all their cute little things. I really enjoyed that last year. Once I get my back healed I’ll be able to drag the garden hoses around and start watering all this green stuff that’s so beautiful now. We’re not due to get much rain in the next month so it’ll have to be watered if we expect it to survive.

I’ve taken up reading before sleep again, or maybe reading myself to sleep is more correct. At least it gets me off the computer earlier than in the past. I have a Nook and a Kindle and plenty of books. Ronnie and I share the same accounts so we get more use out of the ebooks. Some are quite inexpensive but some are rather pricey. We both read so much and so fast that it just doesn’t pay to spend a lot on books of any kind. Fortunately we like the same type of books and most of the same authors so it works out.

It’s about time to go find those books and let the Internet rest. Until later…

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