My Latest Update

WordPress bit the dust so I’ll continue today’s post from here. Miss Priss and Angie are so happy together. Every time I’ve asked about them Angie tells me “she’s so precious!!!!!!!!!!”. That’s exactly what we want to hear after an adoption. They’re doing great together. Priss gets all the attention and Angie has someone to keep her company. Two for two isn’t bad.

Today was my follow-up with the pain management specialist. Good news and bad news. Good news is that the nerve blocks have been 80% effective which is wonderful and may be hard to beat. Bad news is per the MRI results I have a 4MM synovial cyst on the L5-S1 disk and some bulging between the vertebras. They’re sending me to the Neurosurgeon to get his opinion (not surgery, just his opinion and we’ll meet afterward and discuss options before anything else is done to my spine. That’s kind of scary at this time but I will get more than one opinion before I’ll let anyone go slicing on my nerves or spine. They gave me a script for muscle relaxers which have helped more than anything else so far. Wish me luck.

On a bright note I’m about to get started on the dog bandanas, etc., I’m making to sell. This will be a first—to sell my handwork. The only thing I’ve sold so far was doggie blankets to a few people on Facebook. It’s time for me to open an Etsy account now though. I’m going to need a storefront very soon. Kind of excited about it. Wish me luck. I’ll post photos of what I’m making and my address on Etsy.

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