A Gift, A Wrap-up & An Update

This is the gift from me to me, my new car:

2014 Honda CRV XL-Navi Mountain Aire Metallic

2014 Honda CRV XL-Navi Mountain Aire Metallic

Just what I wanted, the model and the color and the price.  I love it.  Nice vehicle and a nice thing to do for myself.

There is also sad news that Freckles’ human daddy, George who lived around the corner and was the owner of Buffy who passed away last July, has passed away.  We currently have Freckles at our house but the caretaker/neighbor of George’s is trying to implement Freckles into her family.  Her dog is totally happy with Freckles but her cat is fighting it tooth & nail.  So Sandy is taking it slowly.  Freckles is with us most of the time, then she takes him to her house from time to time.

Ronnie with Freckles

Ronnie with Freckles, Jolie asleep in the background

Tonight is going to be an overnighter.  Our fingers are crossed.  Sandy loves the little sweetie so we hope she can get him on permanently.

The update is on my health.  I’ve been to the neurosurgeon now and he’s given me a compounded pain cream to rub on 3-4 times per day  (twice so far today), a pain pill to take 3/per day (haven’t yet), and I will start physical therapy on the 16th.  He also mentioned trying to get me a back brace made to help with the pain but I haven’t heard from those folks yet.  He said for me not to lift more than 10 pounds, no mopping or sweeping, and not to let Bandit jump on me.  I’m doing my best to do that.  The pain that I had prior to the nerve blocks is coming back so I hope some of this works.  I don’t want to live my life doped up all the time so I’m taking as little of this medicine as possible without just stopping my life and taking dope all day and night.  I’m not hurting that bad; I don’t know if I’ll ever hurt that bad, but never say never either.

Other than that I’ve been feeling very tired lately and found out my thyroid levels are low, so they’re supposed to increase my medication but there was a short between the doctor and the pharmacy.  When I went to pick up my prescriptions today it was wrong.  They’ll have to straighten it out on Monday.  Otherwise I’m just making it from one day to the next the best way I can until something changes for the better.