Can’t Miss August!

Actually I’ve been trying to find the time and the brain power to post for this entire month, but both have been in short supply.  On July 19th we drove to Ft. Worth, Texas, to rescue a female blue heeler mix to be a playmate for Bandit.  Her name is Daisy and she’s a good people dog but not a good dog to be around other dogs.  Therein lies the problem.  She has tried to attack every dog she’s come across and did get into a fight with one of our larger Chihuahua mixes.  Once was enough so now we are trying to find a new home for her.  Until that happens we are back to playing musical crates with the dogs.  The little ones alternate every 2 hours with Daisy.  It’s a pain in the butt but we’re managing.  She’s very sweet, smart, happy and playful, and she seems to want to play with the other dogs but we can’t risk the damage she could do to one of them.  She is bigger even than Bandit though not by that much, maybe 10 pounds.

Freckles has started his heartworm treatment.  He got his first shot and goes back on September 15 & 16 for the last two.  Then he will be all healthy and can live in peace in his new home.  He loves his new family and the feeling is mutual.

The next issue on my agenda is our home air conditioning.  On Saturday, after attending a birthday party for a one year old we came home to find the temperature inside the house at 79 degrees with the thermostat set at 70.  When it’s 100 degrees outside the AC will not reach 70 during the daytime, but it rarely gets over 75 much less almost 80 and running full out.  So Monday the repair peeps replaced a part, added Freon and told me that its time has come and will need to be replaced soon.  There goes my new sewing machine!  But these babies must be kept cool in the Texas heat (to say nothing about Ronnie and myself!) so replace it we will, but not until the weather cools enough to do without the AC for a full day or two.  This time the ductwork in the attic will have to be replaced as well.  Last time they only replaced the unit in the attic and the one outside but left the ducting.  It has seen its better day since it is original with the house 22 years of age (have I really lived here that long????).

On the sewing front: this month I have learned to make burp cloths and the things NOT to do when making them.  I have made a multitude of blankets, even a couple that will reside overseas (the farthest I have ever mailed one).  I have figured out some of the foibles of my most expensive machine and read some of the instruction book.  I actually learned a whole new section I didn’t know existed.  Go figure!  I have stitched a couple of things for a friend and volunteered to stitch something for another friend’s child.  The dogs love my sewing days because we have covered 1/3 of the floor in cushy doggie beds and they lounge while I enjoy my machines.  Works for all of us.

We also have volunteered to pay for vetting of an injured Chihuahua mix found in Houston that had been attacked by a bigger dog and left to die in the sun.  One of our friends saved him (named him Roy) and took him to our vet where he lives until they find a home for him.  There are a couple of possibles already so that is encouraging.

Roy, prior to treatment

Roy, prior to treatment

Here are some other photos of him with his wounds cleaned.  Thankfully none of them were deep and none required sutures.  They got fluid onboard with pain medication and antibiotics and the report is positive.  Unfortunately he is heartworm positive so will have to endure the same heartworm treatments that Freckles has had.

Roy's wounds

Roy’s wounds

Roy after starting treatment

Roy after starting treatment


I haven’t gotten to see him yet since yesterday I waited all day on repairmen and today I had to buy groceries, pick up dog prescriptions, put gas in the car, etc., so I didn’t have the time to drive over there but I will see him Friday when I take Daisy in for suture removal (she had a bump removed last Tuesday).  Tomorrow is dog training in Galveston, my hair appointment and nail appointment, etc.  Then, Thursday the housekeeper will come and shovel out my house.  LOL  I love to watch the dogs when she leaves: they tiptoe around with this expression on their faces like, “who fucked up our floors?  they smell funny now!”.  Love it!  And love our dogs!!!!!!!!