Late Night Update

After spending the past couple of weeks feeling like the pressure on me was building and getting no help from my spouse, I finally realized that my problem was lack of decent quality sleep. Am I super smart all of a sudden? No, of course not…I just got 10 hours sleep and felt like a human being when I woke up today. I finally realize why I was feeling so exhausted all the time and so short-tempered. A little sleep can be a miracle, and I should have realized this before. Dummy!!!!!

I had a good day. Ronnie was out fishing until dark so I had the day to myself. I did all the things I normally do on payday: balance the checkbook, make phone calls, go to the ATM, put gas in the car and go shopping. Yeah, great day to add to the beautiful weather in Texas.

Even the doggie situation is looking up. Mr. Winkie has been moved from medical hold to ready for adoption, and Daisy may have a place to go and a chance for a new home.

Daisy today was so sweet and mostly well-mannered. She’s been a riot lately with Ronnie and me, and our bath water. Daisy loves water in any way, shape or form. And when we bathe she thinks she can just get in with us & share the bath. Usually I’ll tell her “No” and not let her in, but today I thought I’d just watch and see what happened. Of course, she got right into the bathtub while the water was still being drawn, got out to get her toy and went right back in, chased a piece of dead grass that’d washed off one of her feet and blew bubbles in the water through her nose. It was a riot and I wished I’d taken a camera into the bathroom with me. Fortunately, Ronnie had taken his iPhone into the bathroom recently and caught Daisy’s antics:

Daisy in the bath

Daisy in the bath


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