Miss Daisy Day


Daisy's Photo Op

Daisy’s Photo Op

I took Daisy on Monday to have her photos professionally done to help her get adopted.  Her picture is plastered on Facebook and on the Internet site of our rescue.   She has been accepted by a sanctuary and should go into their custody on Saturday.  We’re going to miss her; I’ve already had one cry over losing her but all we can do is utilize the best source we have right now of getting her a home.  We can no longer deal with the stress on us and our pack; something has to change.  We just hope she gets adopted soon and finds a loving home at last.  We love you, Miss Daisy!  After Daisy finds her home we will work on getting Mimi out on her own.  I can’t imagine having peace in the house again.

Winter has arrived in Texas.  It’s supposed to be just barely above freezing for the next three nights.  All the dogs wanted to do all day today was cuddle and sleep.  I don’t blame them; it was that kind of weather.  I spent the day working on my daughter’s laptop and snuggling with the canine coalition.  I had intended to do laundry and work on the laptop while the machines ran, but couldn’t get my own motor running today.

I ordered 3 more serger books from Amazon this morning since the local class I wanted to take didn’t have enough interest to make a class…then they called me about 2 P.M. and asked if I still wanted to attend the 3-part class starting tonight at 6 P.M.  I jumped at the chance.  It was fun, the teacher is good and it got me out of the house without taking a dog with me.  Can’t beat that with a stick.

Got home and finished the computer, got the dogs all situated and sleeping, hubby in bed snoring, so now I’m having my time of day…just me, myself and the computer with a couple of Chihuahuas snoring in my lap…an awful lot of snoring going on in this house today!!!!!!  I guess that just goes to show how peaceful it is right now.  Not complaining at all…

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