All Quiet

Daisy's 1st night at the sanctuary

Daisy’s 1st night at the sanctuary

She’s warm and dry and with people who really care.  What more can we ask?  She has her crate inside and an outside play space that’s warm and dry, too, where she’ll be taken several times per day.  They are going to let her get used to her surroundings and then pair her with other dogs to see if she can bond into an established pack so that she has playmates and friends.  There are a couple of people already who may be interested in adopting her.  I hope she doesn’t have to stay in the sanctuary for long.  As sweet as she is and as friendly as she is I don’t see it taking long before somebody falls in love with her.  We did, even with all the problems with our pack.

As for those of us left behind in her wake, it is quiet.  The weather has turned cold and the doggie blanket stash has been tapped.  They’re 4 inches deep on the couch.  Diego has hidden his yellow tennis balls in the folds and the play is on.  As with every change in the pack in the past, the remaining pack is quiet and peaceful.  All the crates have been cleaned and rearranged, blankets washed, floor cleaned and disinfected.  Since the little dogs no longer have to be crated except for sleep or when workmen are in the house we’ve been able to downsize from 9 crates to 5 (Daisy took her crate with her, of course, which was the 9th).  The little ones have enjoyed getting more attention and have been pretty much glued to either mine or Ronnie’s laps all weekend.  We’ve been more lenient with them getting in the bed, too, so I’ve been able to catch up on missed sleep since the dogs don’t wake me to go potty now.  Over all it is more peaceful here and I’m getting my life back.

I woke today to cuddles and Chihuahuas changing position beneath the covers.  I tried to go back to sleep but they heard something upsetting and ran for the living room howling.  No more sleep for me!  Dusty is still in the bed.  He refused to get up when I offered so I’ll hear him scratching to get out some time soon.  I don’t even have any plans for the day; I purposely didn’t plan anything because I want to get back to living again without the stress of always running here or there, or of tending to someone (or some dog or other).  I have a new Babylock Ovation serger I want to play with.  I am still doing the Technical Preview of Windows 10 and I have a new Windows 8.1 laptop for my sewing room to play with.  On top of my toys, I have my sweet puppies who deserve the attention after enduring 4 months of spending entirely too much time crated for no reasons of their own.

I still have a To Do list to contend with, however.  And I have a doctor’s appointment for myself and have to take Jolie in for more blood work toward the end of the week.  I’m not on vacation all week.  LOL  Today I will probably soak in the tub, go to Starbucks for a coffee and play with my Ovation.  I have BBQ in the crockpot so supper is done already.  Hoping for peace and quiet before life intrudes and brings me back to Earth.


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