Daisy Update


Daisy playing with her friend, Toby, at the sanctuary

Daisy playing with her friend, Toby, at the sanctuary

We received new photos and an update on Daisy’s stay at the sanctuary.  It looks like she’s having fun playing with the toys we sent and one of her playmates named Toby.  They sent 7 photos and we were happy to get them; we’d been wondering how she was and if anyone had developed more than a passing interest in her yet.  No one has, unfortunately, but the director at the sanctuary has been great about sending us updates and pictures.

Thanksgiving is over for 2014.  We only had 3 visitors due to family illness but the food was good and plentiful and everyone seemed to have a good time as long as it lasted.  The dogs loved having the attention.  Only Mimi had to be ferreted away into the bedroom since people upset her so much that she wants to bark and bite.  We put a crate in our room with a blanket and she quieted down.  The rest of the day she actually played with Bandit and Zoe in the backyard without getting snippy like she usually does.  It was a beautiful day in our part of the world but I’m glad the holiday is over.  Only one more to survive this year and I can breathe a sigh of relief once more….and my sun will come back out again.

I also survived my podiatrist appointment last week.  He did a little minor surgery on my toe and will be doing some not-quite-as-minor surgery on my heel in the coming weeks.  As it was the first visit I was surprised at him taking action quickly to get me out of pain, and I really liked him personally as well.  I told Ronnie we’d found our new foot doctor, so he will go once I’m done with my bit.  No need for both of us to be limping any more than necessary through the holidays.  LOL  I took my last antibiotic pill tonight and am glad to be over that phase.  We actually had a few rum drinks with family today since it was the last of the meds.  I’d been religious about staying off the sauce while I was on the pills.  I wanted to do the maximum amount of healing while I had the chance.  Now that that is over I can see myself tucking into a Margarita soon.  Been missing my Tex-Mex and margs.

On another positive note, Winkie may have an adopter.  There was someone who had lost her own dog to old age who volunteered for foster-to-adopt, so Mr. Winkie may get his furever home very soon.  Most things have begun to look up.  The only negative thing with our canines was that Jolie’s blood values are continuing to go downhill.  Even after increasing her sub-cutaneous fluids (doubled), her kidney values continue to rise which indicates that the rate of her renal failure is rising and her life is coming to an end sooner than we hoped.  Her white cell count has begun to also rise again so we’re doing more antibiotics to see if it will turn again.  Poor baby!  I hate to see this happen to such a sweet little dog but we’ve had her 3 years longer than we thought we would and she’s about 13 years old now, so she’s had a good, long life.  We can see a slower step with her now, and she doesn’t wake up as quickly as the rest of the dogs, or as quickly as she did just a few weeks ago.  She sleeps a lot and is more lethargic with passing time, but she’s not experiencing pain yet like Buffy did before her kidneys failed.  When we get to that point with Jolie it will be time to say goodbye.  Not something I’m looking forward to at all.

Wanting to end this post on a positive note: I love my new Babylock Ovation serger!  I’ve had 2 classes one-on-one and have learned so much already.  The final class is next week and I’m already packing what I want to learn in that class.  Since I’m the lone student I have been picking out the things I specifically want to learn and she has been great with it.  I had already bought her book last year but when I looked for it last week couldn’t find it anywhere.  After a couple of days I ordered another copy online so I’d have a chance to read it again before the last class.  Of course, the day after I paid Amazon for the second book I found the original one on the bookcase right where it was supposed to be and where I’d already looked multiple times.  Well, this way I’ll have 2 copies, can get them both autographed and share one with my daughter-in-law who also sews.  Things always seem to work out in the end.


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