48 Hours

…to go on this holiday season (for me).  Tomorrow is prep day (clean the rest of the house, make the birthday cake, clean the stove, etc.), then Wednesday the immediate family will come over for a while for gift exchange.  Since most of the family lives too far away to be here there won’t be a big crowd.  In fact, there’ll be almost twice as many dogs here as people.  But the dogs know the people and, except for Miss Mimi, they’ll be out to say hello.  Mimi will have to spend the holiday visit in her crate in our bedroom just like she did on Thanksgiving.  That arrangement worked out better than anything we’ve tried in the past.  She cuddles into her blankets and snoozes, then when the guests leave she comes out to join us again.  Her stress level stays on “keep warm” instead of “high alert” this way.

Tomorrow (today actually since it’s after midnight) is my mom’s birthday, December 23rd.  Ronnie’s birthday is December 25th.  Since we celebrate xmas on the 24th we’ll celebrate both birthdays as well.  It’ll be carrot cake this year; usually it’s German chocolate.  Both flavors are Ronnie’s favorites.  I was going to also make applesauce spice cakes this year but that plan fell through the cracks.  All’s well that ends well.  Right?

Poor Miss Jolie went back to the doctor today.  I took her Friday to have her blood drawn.  They called Saturday about the results, and Ronnie took her today to pick up two new meds and to get a growth removed from her eye.  Poor girl has so many skin tags and growths and scars.  They don’t seem to bother her much though.  She just motors on through them like nothing bothers her.  I wish that were true!  Her health is gradually going down the tubes, so we’re just doing whatever it takes to give her a good, happy life of love and peace for the length of time she has left to share with us.  I’m not expecting to have her any more than a few more months (hope I’m wrong”), because she fails a little more each day.  If we see signs on the outside, you know there are things going on inside, too, that we don’t see.  I seriously have been surprised at the times when she’s so sick and I think she’ll never make it through the night, and she does.  It’s going to be rude awakening when she doesn’t.  She’s a momma’s baby now.  She’s my girl!  Ronnie took her to Shepherd, Tx., this weekend to see her true mama, so they could spend a bit of time together in case it’s the last time they have with each other.  Ronnie said she had a good trip.  She smelled everything inside and outside her mom’s house.  He took her for a walk around town so she could say hello to her friends, human and 4-legged.  She spent her puppy-hood in the town of Shepherd.  A lot of people miss seeing her every day since we moved her in with us to care for her health.

A pleasant day today will lead into another cold front tonight.  The rain will be here by late morning so I’m looking forward to sleeping in a bit, which is my favorite past-time.

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