Post-Op II

Blondie the Lutino (almost albino) Oscar fish

Blondie the Lutino (almost albino) Oscar fish

Doing great…hate this damned boot…get my stitches out in 4 days.

On another note.  Got the latest build (9929) of Windows 10 Technical Preview loaded and working on my desktop PC and loving it for the most part.  I’ve enjoyed each build so far but this one is the most challenging as 2 things didn’t work at all and one is still a pain at times (Internet Explorer hangs).  I’m enjoying the novelty of being back on my desktop after using my laptop for over a year.  I had put the 27″ monitor in the sewing room after a while in order to have the extra space on my desk but brought it back in here when I was recouping from surgery.  Since I couldn’t do anything else for a few days I worked on computers day and night.  I reloaded Ronnie’s laptop (Windows 7 Professional), my laptop (Windows 7 Ultimate)  and the sewing room laptop (Windows 8.1).  This is the first time they’ve all been freshly loaded at the same time.

In addition I’ve sold a sewing machine on EBay and have another listed.  I sold a netbook but am waiting on payment before I ship it.  I have a Touchpad, wireless keyboard and Touchstone charger listed and a Babylock serger that will go next (I still need to troubleshoot it to see if it’s worth servicing or just sell as is).  I guess this is the beginning of spring cleaning season.  It’s nice to be able to see my furniture again.

As of today all my new spool racks are installed on the Ellisimo Gold.  The Update #3 is installed (I don’t want #4 and #1 & #2 came pre-installed) and all the boxes are put away.  I mended Ronnie’s shirt and jeans and generally improved the appearance of the sewing room.  I pooped out before I started embroidering though.  I simply ran out of gas.  I’d only had a Starbucks coffee and the part of the cookie that Fancy and Gypsy didn’t eat and it was after 5 o’clock so it was time to get some fuel onboard.  I ate a baked potato so am ready to eat again now.  I guess a PB & J since I’ve had no protein all day except what was in the skim milk in my coffee.  I live such an exciting life.  LOL

We went to Starbucks for coffee, CVS for sodas, Petsmart for the dogs and fish (bought Blondie some feeders), then to O’Reilly’s Auto Parts for a door handle for Ronnie’s truck.  Evidently someone tried to break into Ronnie’s truck last Wednesday and broke the plastic parts on the inside of the handle.  Thankfully they didn’t break the window or mess up the door.  It’s repaired now so they can have another go at it.

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